FY2016 CCDOA Financial Report as of 6302016.pdf - page 5

As passenger volume has grown,
McCarran officials have continually
evaluated the airport’s infrastructure
and operations for ways to enhance
customer service, maximize
efficiencies and increase flexibility.
Infrastructure improvements can be
seen throughout Terminal 1, where
a $30 million renovation
project is bringing new
flooring to both
Baggage Claim
and Ticketing, as
well as brighter
and new
In anticipation
of continued
international air
traffic growth, the
airport is converting
seven existing domestic
gates into those equipped with
secured corridors that direct travelers
toward U.S. Customs and Border
Protection. This project will allow for
more international wide-body aircraft
to be on gates simultaneously, and
one gate will even have dual-level jet
bridges to accommodate the Airbus
A380, giving McCarran more capacity
than ever to welcome the world into
Las Vegas. Rounding out the project
will be a high-end airport lounge
located in the northeast wing of the
D Concourse for first class passengers
and all travelers willing to pay an
admittance fee, as well as a new and
expansive duty free retail location.
While all these great facilities
projects and upgrades are happening
around the airport, I can say without
a doubt that the key to
improving the passenger
travel experience
is our people.
Embracing a
singular identity
as an airport
from the
of Aviation,
and service
providers have
come together
to launch an
airportwide customer
service program called
MAYS: McCarran At Your
Service. Through MAYS we will
establish shared customer service
standards, provide ongoing training
opportunities and create consistent
approach to responding to passenger
needs. It is through this collaborative
effort that our airport will soar to
new heights, and I am excited for
what’s on the horizon.
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