GROUP INSURANCE - Health and dental insurance is available at a minimal expense to eligible employees, spouses and dependents. The County pays the monthly life insurance premium for eligible employees.

SERVICE CONNECTED DISABILITY INSURANCE – Eligible employees are covered by a Workman’s Compensation Program in accordance with the provisions of the Nevada Industrial Insurance Act (NRS Chapter 616) and the Nevada Occupational Diseases Act (NRS 617).

LONG-TERM DISABILITY INSURANCE – The County pays a monthly premium toward a long-term disability plan for eligible employees.

VACATION – Vacation leave accrual is based on length of County employment. Initial accrual is at the rate of 3.08 vacation hours for each biweekly pay period.

SICK LEAVE – Eligible employees accrue 3.7 hours of sick leave for each biweekly pay period. Employees completing 10 years of service accrue an additional .92 hours of sick leave per biweekly pay period.

MISCELLANEOUS LEAVES – Court leave, military leave, parental leave, leave without pay, blood donor leave, education leave, and County promotional/transfer application examination leave are available (upon approval) for eligible permanent employees.

RETIREMENT – Full-time employees become a member of the Nevada State Public Employees Retirement System under an employer paid plan. (

DEFERRED COMPENSATION - Permanent employees are eligible to participate in a Deferred Compensation Plan.

CREDIT UNION – Clark County employees and their families are eligible to join the Clark County Credit Union.

TUITION REIMBURSMENT - Employees may be eligible for educational assistance. Reimbursement of tuition is available after successful completion of job related courses.

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