Airport Art

Airplanes by Clark County School District School Children

The 12 winning designs from a Clark County School District middle school competition were the inspiration for this hanging sculpture. Large-scale reproductions of colorful paper airplanes soar above the concessions area.

Location: D Gates

"Almighty" by Peter Lik

"Almighty" captures the magic of Red Rock Canyon located just 30 minutes from the bustling Las Vegas Strip. The passing storm adds a special kind of light to the canyon which lit up with a golden glow as the sun set beneath the painterly skies.

Location: Terminal 3, Level 2 Security Checkpoint

"Bighorn Sheep" by Robert Beckmann

"Bighorn Sheep" by Robert Beckmann depicts a Bighorn Sheep poised majestically on a rock ledge. The mural captures the moment of encounter that few individuals have with one of Nevada's most revered animals.

Location: D Gates near gate D-3

“Blaze of Beauty” by Peter Lik

Peter Lik captures the intense beauty of one of the Seven Wonders of the World on film. As the sun cracks the horizon “Blaze of Beauty” reflects the depth, grandeur and scale of the Grand Canyon walls.

Location: Terminal 3, Customs & Border Protection

"Blue Arroyo" by Talley Fisher, for Rob Fisher Sculpture, LLC

"Blue Arroyo" is a fluid, river-like sculpture that flows above the heads of travelers at the east end of baggage claim, weaving around the columns in the space. Its curvilinear currents of water follow the path of a virtual arroyo. In the distance, one can see the lower ends of "Waterfall" cascading down the window wall.

Location: Terminal 3 baggage claim

"Boulder Dam" by Tom Holder

"Boulder Dam" by Tom Holder. Our region's most symbolic icon, "Hoover Dam", is depicted from a vantage point rarely considered. Tom Holder represents the dam as a small element within the much larger surrounding desert. The image contrasts the whiteness of the dam with the red of the desert reinforcing the dam's jewel-like quality.

Location: D Gates near gate D-38

Children's Art Photomosaic by Robert Silvers

Celebrated artist Robert Silvers invented the Photomosaic process while still a student at MIT. His intricate works offer a unique perspective and have gained worldwide acclaim. Silvers used thousands of images depicting planes, trains and automobiles submitted by nearly 33,000 elementary, middle and high school students from Clark County to recreate the ten winning images through the digital art form. The 10 images are presented on glass panels measuring 8' x 12', mounted just off the wall and backlit to create an artfully-inspired experience for passing travelers.

Location: D Gates Terminal 3 Tram Station

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City Scapes by Clark County School District School Children

Sixteen winning drawings representing skylines from famous cities around the world were selected for the 12 x 16-foot tile displays near the D Gates tram station. The winning students' classmates participated in enlarging each selected drawing into a 6-foot x 9-foot painting. The enlargements were sent to the tile manufactured to transfer the image onto 486 eight-inch tiles. The students' illustrations create a fresh perspective on other world-famous cities and gives Las Vegas visitors a colorful welcome.

Location: D Gates Terminal 1 Tram Station

"Cloud 9" by Barbara & Larry Domsky

An overall space of 90' x 19', in soft iridescent colors and brilliant dichroic glass, "Cloud 9" is the artists' interpretation of a gathering of clouds forming and reflecting in the Las Vegas skies captured effortlessly in a glass and metal sculpture.

Location: Terminal 3

"Dédale" by Kenneth F. vonRoenn, Jr.

"Dédale" is taken from the Greek myth of Daedalus, who built wings of wax to escape a labyrinth. The sculpture is 26’ x 8’ of straight and curved aluminum tubes, dichroic acrylic and stainless steel cables. vonRoenn’s creation is a tribute to Daedalus as the original symbol of aviation safety.

Location: Northwest Wing of D Gates, beneath the pyramid skylight

"Desert Sunrise" by Talley Fisher, for Rob Fisher Sculpture, LLC

"Desert Sunrise" illustrates a cumulus cloud bank nearly 75' long and 45' wide, rendered and illuminated like a desert sunrise. The shapes are laser cut out of perforated aluminum and powder coated in colors ranging from brilliant shades of gold to deep reds, purples and orange as the clouds silently drift through the space.

Location: Terminal 3, Level 2, East

"Desert Wildlife" by David Phelps

"Desert Wildlife" by David Phelps is an exhibit of four larger-than-life scaled examples of the Southern Nevada's native wildlife created in crackled concrete. The animals depicted are the desert rattlesnake, horned toad, desert tortoise, and desert hare.

Location: D Gates

"Echoes of Las Vegas" by Adolfo R. Gonzalez

Adolfo Gonzalez has created this 152-foot mural that takes the eye along the journey that Las Vegas has undergone. It begins with an old-fashioned bi-plane coming in for a landing, then follows the Strip through various incarnations. The final scene shows a modern jet winging its way out of McCarran and into the blue yonder.

Location: Northwest Wing of D Gates

"Flight Paths" by Gregg LeFevre

"Flight Paths" by Gregg LeFevre is located at the base of the main escalators in the rotunda floor terrazzo at the D Gates. This artist's work is inspired by the air navigation map of the Las Vegas region. It recreates the passengers' arrival in Las Vegas and raises their awareness of the geography of our valley.

Location: D Gates Rotunda

“Folies in Flight” by Terry Ritter

Former Las Vegas showgirl Terry Ritter captures the spirit of the legendary “Folies Bergere” performers in her three-dimensional, brightly colored mural.

Location: Terminal 3, Customs & Border Protection

"Ghost Gem Garden" by John Torreano

Nationally renowned artist John Torreano sculpted the "Ghost Gem Garden" which consists of six gems varying in height from ten to eighteen feet, constructed of two to three inch round metal tubing with half to three-quarters of the gem facets filled in with translucent or opaque glass or glass-like materials.

Location: Terminal 1 Departing Flights Roadway

"Glass Sculpture" by Tony Milici

"Glass Sculpture" by Tony Milici is a composite of glass layers of seguaro cacti and desert plants, giving it a 3-D appearance.

Location: Terminal 1 Esplanade, Level 2

"Inner City Games" by Clark County School District Children

Works from youth of the Inner-City Games who won the 1997 "What Las Vegas Means to Me" drawing contest are displayed in the Kids Play Area. Five of the nine winners chose to participate in the airport project by having their winning works reproduced in tile murals on Level 2 of the D Gates.

Location: D Gates - Kids Play Area on Level 2

"Miraré" by Stu Schechter

In "Miraré", two airplanes become visible when the sculpture is viewed from different angles. The lead plane is ghost like – a rabble of butterflies native to Nevada. The second plane is solid – a rabble of butterflies displaying tail colors from aircraft at McCarran International Airport. The artwork is fabricated from almost 3000 small butterfly sculptures suspended by almost 2400 fine stainless steel wires.

Location: Terminal 3, Level 2

"Mojave Desert" by Roy Purcell

Roy Purcell captures the haunting beauty of the Nevada desert in his work of art, an 8-by-30-feet long acrylic painting depicting a panoramic view of the Mojave Desert.

Location: D Gates, near gate D-18

"Muito Ilus Avec Baggage" by Erik Burke

Erik Burke's vibrant aviation mural reflects our desire to travel and connect with the outside world. The title means 'very beautiful with baggage', which represents anyone's experience while traveling, and highlights the artist's love of very silly puns.  The desire to travel is illustrated by separating the 8' by 30' mural into two distinctive painting styles. The loosely painted planes perched atop the rigid tarmac speculate on expectations and discovery. The opposing aesthetics are tied together through the use of bold black lines.  

Location: Northwest Wing of D Gatesmanufac

"Nevada" by Terry Schoonhoven

"Nevada" by Terry Schoonhoven. This mural depicts images of both recent and distant Nevada history. From the familiar of the Las Vegas Strip to Hoover Dam and hardy explorers, Schoonhoven compresses Las Vegas' history into a collage-like creation.

Location: D Gates near gate D-35

"Rays" by Ed Carpenter

"Rays" plays on the dynamic interpretation of natural and artificial light. The cable-mounted panels made with dichroic glass complement the giant window wall at the west end ticketing lobby. When touched by light, "Rays" creates colorful projections and reflections on adjacent surfaces.

Location: Terminal 3
West end on Level 2 window wall and skylight extending to Level Zero

“Sacred Sunrise” by Peter Lik

“Sacred Sunrise” captures the beauty of the sunrise behind a majestic arch in Utah’s Canyonland National Park.

Location: Terminal 3, Level 2 Security Checkpoint

"Skylight Cones" by Tony Milici

Tony Milici's composition of hanging steel and glass frames, positioned to refract and catch the light in the two food court skylights, is entitled, "Skylight Cones". The works used reclaimed industrial glass which is sandblasted and polished to create a "jewel in the rough" quality.

Location: D Gates near gate D-36 and near gate D-5 (2 sculptures)

"Sunset Mirage" by Barbara & Larry Domsky

"Sunset Mirage" is a collaboration in the mediums of dichroic fused glass and metal. Expanding an overall space of 90' x 19", this brightly colored, contemporary wall sculpture reflects the beautiful sunsets found here in the desert city of Las Vegas.

Location: Terminal 3

Table Top Art by Clark County School District School Children

The 35 winning designs from a Clark County School District competition for 3rd grade students are digitally layered on 30" diameter table-tops. Each design focuses on the plants, animals and landscapes of Nevada.

Location: D Gates

"Tryptych Passages" by Harold Bradford

Artist Harold Bradford helped recreate the extraordinary colors of our desert surroundings in this work of art. Bradfored used oil and acrylic to paint "Tryptych Passages," an 8-by-153-foot-long, three-paneled canvas.

Location: D Gates, near gate D-26

"Vaquero" by Luis Jiménez

Luis Jiménez' "Vaquero" sits atop a grassy knoll near the Terminal 1 Departures curb.  In his "Vaquero" creation, Jiménez captures the spirit of the old west in a cowboy atop a spirited steed which reminds travelers of the Southwest's colorful past.

Location: Terminal 1 entrance roadways

"Waterfall" by Talley Fisher, for Rob Fisher Sculpture, LLC

"Waterfall" spills down the window wall from Level 2 into the Level Zero Baggage Claim. The nine curtains of beads bring silver sheets of polished chain raining down through an opening in the floor.

Location:  Terminal 3, Level 2, East

"Yuccas" by Mary Warner

Mary Warner captures desert flora and southwestern sunsets in "Yuccas." The surrounding Mojave desert is transformed by revealing the natural beauty that most Las Vegas visitors never encounter.

Location: D Gates near gate D-12