Terminal 1 - Economy Parking

Know Before You Go

Make sure you know which terminal your airline uses before coming to the airport then follow the overhead signs to get to your final parking destination.  To speak to a representative for up-to-the-minute parking information call 702.261.5122.

Terminal 1 Economy Parking is available for customers flying out of Terminal 1 and is located at 576 Kitty Hawk Way, just off of Paradise Road. 

Terminal 3 Economy Parking is available for customers using Terminal 3 and is located on the east side of the Terminal 3 parking garage.  

All long-term parking has a 30-day maximum parking limit without prior notice. To park more than 30 days, contact Airport Parking at 702.261.5122 or email your request to danb@mccarran.com.

Terminal 1 Economy Parking Rates

  • 0 - 15 min: $0.00*
  • 16 - 30 min: $2.00
  • 31 min - 2 hours: $3.00
  • Additional Hours: $1.00
  • Daily Maximum: $10.00

    *To exit without a charge, you must go directly to the exit lane and insert your ticket within the first 15 minutes of entering the lot.  DO NOT USE the walk-up pay stations

    Per NRS482.377, customers with license plates issued by the State of Nevada with "Disabled Veteran" or "EXPOW" stamped on them are entitled to free parking - limited to 4 hours in Short Term Parking.  When exiting, use a cashiered lane, or if one is not available, please use a phone at exit gate.

    Terminal 1 Economy Parking Shuttle

    Courtesy shuttle service operates approximately every 10 -15 minutes to transport passengers between Terminal 1 Economy Parking and Terminal 1. At Terminal 1, the shuttle bus stop is located on Level Zero of the parking garage. Please allow an additional 30 minutes to your travel plans when using Economy Parking.