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News and Public Affairs at McCarran

News and Public Affairs at McCarran

News Releases

 November passengers
Posted 12/23/2010
 Holiday Travel Tips release
Posted 12/21/2010
 Travel Tips
Posted 12/17/2010
 Thanksgiving Tips
Posted 11/22/2010
 October passengers
Posted 11/19/2010
 September passengers
Posted 10/26/2010
 POTUS traffic advisory
Posted 10/21/2010
 August passengers
Posted 09/29/2010
 Major change in traffic near Airport Conntector Tunnel takes place tonight
Posted 09/23/2010
 Korean Air Press Release
Posted 09/22/2010
 Flight Path detour ends
Posted 09/19/2010
 Overnight detour advisory
Posted 09/07/2010
 Road closures advisory
Posted 08/31/2010
 July passengers
Posted 08/23/2010
Posted 08/17/2010
 Tunnel closure release
Posted 08/05/2010
 T1 roadwork advisory
Posted 07/30/2010
 June passenger release
Posted 07/29/2010
 C ramp press release
Posted 07/23/2010
 Airport roadwork update combined
Posted 07/16/2010
 May passengers
Posted 06/30/2010
 Online citations
Posted 06/09/2010
 Road improvements advisory
Posted 06/08/2010
 North Las Vegas power lines release
Posted 06/02/2010
 XL Press Release
Posted 05/26/2010
 April passengers
Posted 05/21/2010
 McCarran business Twitter release
Posted 05/11/2010
 March passenger numbers
Posted 04/28/2010
 Express Exit release
Posted 04/27/2010
 Road work update
Posted 04/20/2010
 Traveler Advisory
Posted 04/15/2010
 Social Media News Release
Posted 04/13/2010
 February passengers
Posted 03/22/2010
 January passengers
Posted 02/24/2010
 December passengers
Posted 01/21/2010
 Terminal 3 update
Posted 01/12/2010

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