Property Auctions, Leases, and Sales

CCDOA owned surplus property is offered for sale at public auction once the Board of County Commissioners determines there is no longer a Clark County need for the property. Clark County follows the procedures in NRS 244.282 for the auction process.

Property leases will follow the procedures established in NRS 244.283.

Auctions for sales and leases are conducted at the Joint Meeting of the Clark County Board of Commissioners. Visit the Clark County Public Communications website to view meeting agendas and videos.

For information on current CCDOA property sale and lease auctions, click on the listed parcel number to view the location on the map and additional property details:

Current Auctions:

Parcel Number (APN) Sale or Lease Acres
Property Information
DOA Owned Property DOA Owned Property Operations Property Operations Property Leased Boundary Leased Boundary