Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) Temporary Placards

Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) Temporary Placards

Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) System Temporary Placard Sale Guidelines

Who is authorized to purchase Temporary AVI Placards

Any company with a current approved/valid AVI Operating Permit.

Certain companies or organizations, who do not have an AVI Permit, but meet the following criteria.

  • Are not otherwise required to participate in the Airport’s AVI program.
  • Are providing not-for-hire transportation for a specific event.
  • Must provide vehicle registration, rental or lease agreement with company or event name on it. A rental agreement listing the name of the driver only will not be accepted.


  • Steve Harvey Hoodie Awards show rents 5 full size vans to shuttle arriving talent and show production staff from Airport to hotel.
  • Electric Daisy Carnival aka Insomniac Productions rents 30 vans and SUV’s to shuttle arriving talent and show production staff to hotel and events.
  • East Coast Pipe Fitters Association rents 3 vans to shuttle arriving convention delegates to and from hotel.

Who is not allowed to purchase temporary AVI Placards?

  • Ground transportation or courtesy shuttle operators who would otherwise be eligible and required to participate in the AVI Program. Note: These companies should be given an Infrequent User Activity Invoice $50 per vehicle per trip and encouraged to participate in the AVI Program.
  • Destination Management Companies.

What does it cost to purchase a Temporary AVI Placard?

There are 4 categories for AVI Placards based on the seating capacity of the vehicle:

  • Category 1 $2.40/trip, seats 1-8 passengers including driver
  • Category 2 $4.80/trip, seats 9-15 passengers including driver
  • Category 3 $7.20/trip, seats 16-30 passengers including driver
  • Category 4 $24.00/trip, seats 31 or more passengers including driver

Temporary Placards may not exceed fourteen (14) days.

How do I calculate the number of “Trips” to purchase?

  • AVI Placard sales are based on the honor system.
  • “Trips” must be purchased for any trip at level zero (T-1 & T-3)
  • There is no charge to drop off passengers at Departure Curb (T-1 & T-3)
  • Refunds will not be given for any unused “Trip”

How do I make arrangements to request approval and purchase AVI Trip Placards?

Contact the following staff at Parking Office, (e-mail is preferred)

Once approved, via e-mail or phone, and all of the required documentation is provided, the AVI Placards can be purchased and picked up at the Terminal 1 Parking Office located at the exit gates of the T-1 Parking Garage.

Once I have my AVI Placards what areas am I allowed to use?

  • T-3 Limo/Bus Staging Area (see map)
  • T-1 and T-3 Courtesy Vehicle Stalls. (see map)
  • Driver is allowed to leave vehicle unattended, however the engine must be shut-off.