Out-of-Town or Infrequent User

Out-of-Town or Infrequent User

Out-of-town transportation companies who utilize McCarran International Airport, who are not yet approved as an AVI company may do so, however they are considered as an Infrequent Operator.

An Infrequent Operator is someone who comes to the Airport no more than once per six (6) month period. Our normal procedure is for our staff in the field to issue the driver an Infrequent User Activity Invoice. The cost is $50 per trip per vehicle for any trips at either Terminal 1 or 3, Level Zero’s. There is no charge to drop off on the Terminal 1 and 3 Departures Curbs.

If the driver is issued an Infrequent User Activity Invoice in the field, the payment instructions are listed on the Invoice. The Invoice can be paid immediately in our office or the customer can choose to pay later.

Prior to your visit to McCarran International Airport, if you would like to prearrange and pay in advance and receive a completed Invoice you may do so by selecting the Infrequent User Activity Invoice Request form below and submitting the required information.

Infrequent User Activity Invoice Request form

Note: Once your form has been submitted, please allow at least 24 hours, excluding weekends/holidays, for a reply from staff to coordinate payment.