Real Estate FAQs

Real Estate FAQs


Q. I have cash and want to buy a piece of your property now. How long will the entire process take?
A. Prior to any property sale or lease, Clark County Department of Aviation is required to follow the Nevada Revised Statues related to County Property. Two independent appraisals are required; the appraisals are time-sensitive and must be prepared within 6 months of the date on which the real property is offered for sale or lease (at a Joint Meeting of the Board of County Commissioners). The entire process normally takes 6-8 months, sometimes longer.

Q. Where do I research land use compatibility and zoning for property I’m interested in purchasing?
A. Please visit:

Q. I own a home near your airport and want to sell it; will the airport purchase my home?

A. No, unless your home is located within a specific noise area under a current FAA approved and funded Voluntary Acquisition & Relocation Services (VARS) program. Clark County Department of Aviation does not have funding established to purchase homes outside of the VARS program. Please submit any inquiries regarding the VARS program to