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Real Estate

Clark County Department of Aviation Real Estate

The Clark County Department of Aviation (CCDOA) owns various properties that were acquired for airport land use compatibility purposes. Several properties are commercially developed and often have space available for lease or sublease while others are vacant land that may be eligible for purchase. View the details of our property by utilizing the interactive map below and clicking on individual parcels.

Parties interested in a lease or sublease on commercially developed property should contact the tenant listed on the leased parcel.

Vacant land will be sold at public auction in accordance with the Clark County Department of Aviation Surplus Land Sale Policy . Parties interested in purchasing vacant land should submit an interest form located under the Forms section of this website.

It is the responsibility of the interested party to ensure land use compatibility for the property being requested. Purchasing or leasing CCDOA property does not ensure or approve proposed development. All land disposed of by CCDOA is subject to uses compatible with airport operations, deed restrictions will be recorded on all property conveyed and the proposed development must be approved in accordance with Clark County ordinances.

Disclaimer: Property information provided on the interactive map is for informational purposes only. CCDOA does not warrant or imply the accuracy of this property information. CCDOA may need to process a parcel split, dedication, right-of-way, and/or easement on certain parcels prior to the finalization of any sale or lease.

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