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Clark County Department of Aviation
McCarran International Airport
Finance – Purchasing and Contracts
1845 E. Russell Rd, 3rd Floor
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Phone: (702) 261-5013
Fax: (702) 261-3647
Construction: (702) 261-5030
Badging Office: (702) 261-5652

Please see the current purchasing opportunities below. Select an opportunity below and enter your contact information to receive details about that specific request.

Invitations for Proposals - RFP

None at this time

Requests for Qualifications - RFQ

None at this time

Requests for Bids

Bid 20-605406

Release Date: 08/30/2019
Close Date: 09/20/2019

Bid 19-605344
Airport Striper

Release Date: 08/07/2019
Close Date: 09/26/2019

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I find out which projects are currently available for bidding?
Current opportunities are listed above.
You may also call our office at (702) 261-5013 and speak with our office personnel for current bid opportunities or review the "Legal Notices" section of the Las Vegas Review Journal. View Construction/Engineering opportunities, or phone (702) 261-5030.

How can I get on the Department of Aviation's bid list?
The Department of Aviation uses the same database maintained by the Clark County Finance Department / Purchasing and Contracts Division. Access the Supplier Registration Form from the Clark County Enterprise Resource Planning Web site. 

Does the Department of Aviation pay tax?
No. The Department of Aviation is part of Clark County and is exempt from payment of sales and use tax. You may request a copy of the letter "Certificate of Exemption" calling our office at (702) 261-5013.

Where do I send my bid?
The Invitation to Bid page on all procurement documents specifies the time, date and location for bid submittal.

How can I get a copy of the summary of bids received on a particular bid?
After the bid has been awarded, the information is public record. Please have a bid number and bid opening date information when you call our office at (702) 261-5013 for a copy.

Who do I contact at the Department of Aviation to get payment for my invoice?
A bill to address is printed on each purchase order. McCarran International Airport, Finance Office P.O. Box 11004, Las Vegas, NV 89111-1004, (702) 261-5247.

Who is allowed to purchase goods/services for the Department of Aviation?
In compliance with the laws of the Nevada Revised Statues the majority of all purchases are either made or approved by purchasing through the use of purchase orders or special purchase authorization. In the event that a good or service is requested by a Department of Aviation representative without an approved purchase order or special purchase authorization, please contact purchasing immediately.
Department of Aviation representatives are authorized to order goods and services for a specified term through the use of blanket purchase orders issued by purchasing. A blanket purchase order is a purchase order that allows the department's representatives to order the specified goods and services on an as-needed basis over a defined period of time in an amount not to exceed the purchase order total.

Who do I contact to find out about possible opportunities?
Current opportunities are listed above or you may review the "Legal Notices" section of the Las Vegas Review Journal and then call (702) 261-5013 and request to speak to the appropriate purchasing analyst.

How can I set up an office visit?
Suppliers are encouraged to visit the purchasing analyst responsible for the specific goods and services they provide. Appointments are preferred to ensure that full consideration will be provided. Please call (702) 261-5013 and request to speak to the appropriate purchasing analyst (assigned by commodity) directly to set up an appointment or demonstration.

What is a Pre-Bid/Request for Proposal (RFP) conference?
The pre-bid/RFP conference is a meeting held to discuss the specific bid or RFP document. This meeting provides the consultants/suppliers the opportunity to ask questions and to request clarification in the documents. Pre-bid/RFP conferences are held for most formal bids or RFPs solicited by the Department of Aviation. Consultants/suppliers are strongly urged to attend the meeting.

Who do I contact for Construction related projects?
Please call (702) 261-5030

Who do I contact for Badging related projects?
Please call (702) 261-5652